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Arno Puder
75 Willow Road
Menlo Park, CA 94025
Phone: 1-650-463-7095
Fax: 1-413-793-5575
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PERSONAL         Born March 8, 1966 in Toronto/Canada
German and Canadian citizen
LANGUAGES German (native), English.
EDUCATION 4/93    Diploma in Computer Science, University of Kaiserslautern, Germany.
7/97 Ph.D. in Computer Science, University of Frankfurt, Germany.
9/97-8/98 Postdoc at the International Computer Science Institute, Berkeley.
RESEARCH INTERESTS Distributed Systems
Ubiquitous Computing
EMPLOYMENT 5/85-8/85 MDS-Deutschland GmbH (printer device driver)
1987 TÜV-Rheinland (database development)
1988 StarDivision (Import/Export document filter)
1/91-12/92 CSC Ploenzke AG (GUI development, Visual-C++, MFC / Borland, OWL)
6/93-12/96 Research Assistant at the University of Frankfurt, Germany.
1/97-12/98 Project Manager R&D; department of Deutsche Telekom AG, Germany.
1/99-12/2000 Sr. Project Manager for Deutsche Telekom AG in San Francisco.
since 1/2001 AT&T Labs Research, Menlo Park.
TEACHING EXPERIENCE 1993-1996 TA positions for operating systems and distributed system classes.
1993-1998 Supervision of graduate students master thesis.
1996 Undergraduate level C++ and Java class at the University Fulda, Germany.
AWARDS AND HONORS 1993 Diploma in Computer Science, with honor.
1997 Ph.D. in Computer Science, with honor.
1998 International Computer Science Institute, Scholarship for a postdoc position.
1998 Best paper IEEE conference on ATM.

[Academic publications]

[Book publications]

Graduate studies 'Security' (until 1993)

Research assistantship: specification of a Security Interoperability Sublayer (SIS) in SDL between layers 3 and 4 of the ISO-OSI protocol stack based on X.213 [1]; implementation of SIS on top of BSD sockets; design of SDL language extensions for object oriented features.

Master thesis: development of a formal security model for Message Handling Systems (MHS) based on X.400. The formal security model makes use of the Bell-LaPadula-Model. According to the requirements of the German national security agency, the security model was formally specified as well as verified for consistency [2].

[Master thesis extended abstract]

Studies abroad: two terms at the University of Waterloo/Canada; research areas: real-time systems; compiler construction.

Doctoral studies 'Service Trading' (1993-1997)

Development of a trading model for open distributed systems. Investigation of appropriate type specification languages for services [7], [8]. In was shown that in the context of open distributed systems type specifications are necessary for different levels of abstraction (system vs. user level). Furthermore no a-priori knowledge of existing type specifications can be assumed [4].

Development of a type specification language based on a knowledge representation technique [6], [9]. Definition of mapping rules for DCE-IDL and CORBA-IDL to and from the knowledge representation language [11]. Prototype implementation of a knowledge based trader including the IDL translators [16]. The work was later funded by the Deutsche Telekom AG, where the concept of a knowledge based trader was integrated in a TINA environment [17].

[Ph.D. thesis extended abstract]

Postdoctoral studies 'Architectures of middleware platforms' (1998)

Development of a CORBA compliant implementation called MICO for research and educational purposes [18]. Based on a micro-kernel approach which moves extra functionality outside the Object Request Broker (ORB). Integration of ATM transport layer outside the ORB [20]. Development of a generic user interface to a-priori unknown object types based on meta-data [14]. Two book publications describing the usage as well as the internal architecture of MICO. MICO is branded as CORBA compliant by the Open Group. First International MICO Workshop held in Germany, November 1998. Second International MICO Workshop held at Stanford University, March 2001.

Work related studies 'Ubiquitous computing' (since 1999)

Focus on middleware on embedded systems in conjunction with handheld devices. Prototypical implementation of MICO for the PalmPilot. Extending handheld devices to trusted hosts through integration of SmartCard technology. Ongoing research relationships with Stanford and various European research institutes. Project leader for an OMG endorsed project to develop an Open Source CORBA conformance test suite.


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  2. Wolfgang Effelsberg
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  3. Ljiljana Trajkovic
    Associate Professor
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  4. William Tepfenhart
    Associate Professor
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  5. Richard M. Soley
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  6. Andreas Paepcke
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